Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

June 3, 2012
Scripture: Romans 8:12-17
Prop: A Tripod w/ Collapsible Legs, or Photo

Good morning!  Today is a special day in the life of the Church.  It isn't Christmas, or Easter or even Pentecost.  Today is Trinity Sunday!  It is the day that the Church has set aside to celebrate the Trinity.  The Trinity is not an easy concept, but I will try my best to explain it.

A tricycle has 3 wheels, right?
And a triangle has 3 sides, right?
I have with me a (picture of a) tripod--a stand with 3 legs.  You may have guessed that tri means 3--tricycle, triangle, tripod--each with 3 of something.  (Set up tripod.)  A tripod is used to hold something up, such as a camera or a telescope.  The 3 legs of the tripod make it very stable, so that the camera or telescope doesn't shake when the photographer takes a picture or the astronomer looks at Venus.

But watch what happens when I take away one of the tripod's legs.  (Shorten/remove 1 leg.  Allow the tripod to lean, but catch it before it hits the floor.)  The tripod needs all 3 legs to stand--to do its job, doesn't it?  In fact, without 3 legs, it is no longer a tripod at all, because tri means 3.

The word Trinity begins with the same three letters as tricycle, triangle and tripod--t-r-i, meaning 3.  The word Trinity refers to God in 3 persons.

Sometimes when we think of God, we think of the Creator--the One who made heaven and earth, the light and darkness, the sea and dry land, the plants and animals, you and me.

Sometimes when we think of God, we remember Jesus--the special baby born in a stable, the One who cured people of their diseases, who taught people to love one another, who was crucified, who died and who rose again to live in Heaven.  Jesus, our friend and our Savior.

And sometimes when we think of God, we think of the Holy Spirit--the Helper Jesus sent to the disciples at Pentecost--the One who gives us guidance and strength to carry on God's work in the world, showing love and sharing the power of forgiveness.

All of these together--Creator, Savior and Helper, is what we call the Trinity.  One God described by Christians in 3 different ways.

(If the congregation sang or is going to sing "Holy, Holy, Holy" during the service, you might make reference to the last line.)

Let's Pray.  Gracious God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we thank you for your presence with us this morning.  Help us throughout our lives, to strive to understand and serve you.  And when we don't understand everything, may faith fill in the gaps until the time comes when all of our questions are answered.  Amen.

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