Saturday, December 19, 2020

Light in the Darkness

 Children's Sermon for December 20, 2020
Prop Suggestion: A Picture of the Planetary Conjunction, available online or in newspapers

Tomorrow is December 21:

  • Winter solstice
  • Shortest day of the year
  • Longest night--most darkness of the year
This year, the darkness of that long night is going to be interrupted by an amazing sight in the sky--the great conjunction of planets Jupiter and Saturn.  Here is an artist's drawing of what will happen tomorrow night.  National Geographic hyped the event by posting on its website:

Stargazers are in for a rare treat in the days just ahead of Christmas, as two of teh solar system's brightest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, engage in a celestial dance that will bring them within planetary kissing distance in the evening sky.

When that happens, we may see what looks like the star pictured on Christmas cards, guiding the wise men to the Baby Jesus.  Jesus came to bring the light and love of God to a dark and hurting world.  Tomorrow night's great planetary conjunction can help remind us of that gift.

Just looks southwest as soon as the sky gets dark, and give thanks to God for all of God's amazing gifts.

Let us pray.
For all of your gifts, dear Lord, we give you thanks.
For light in the darkness,
And for your love.

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